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You've done great! However, the practice tests only have 10 questions each. You will need much more practice to pass the actual barber state board exam. Your best bet is the Total Access package with nearly 1,300 questions and answers for you to practice with over and over. All exams on this website were developed by the professional test developing company, FWYN, LLC. FWYN, LLC has successfully helped people pass the barber state board licensing examinations in the U.S. since 2010! Order Total Access now and click the Add To Cart button or choose another free practice exam from the Free List.

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Free Barbering Exams

Anatomy & Physiology


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Total Access has 1200+ questions in: Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2, Bacteriology/Microbiology, Consultaion, Hair & Scalp Treatments, Shampooing & Draping, Electricity & Light, Hair Color & Lightener, Chemical Texture Services, Chemistry, Hair Cutting, Hair Styling, Hair Design, Hair & Scalp Anatomy & Disorders, Hairpieces & Extensions, Infection Control & Safety Practices, Facial Treatments, Shaving & Facial Hair Design, Skin Histology, Tools, Implements and Equipment. . All Exams include instant feedback and work with tablets, smart phones, iPads, iPhones & desktop or laptop computers! There are 5 Timed Exams from 100 questions to 125 questions taken from all subjects, 16 Focus Exams from the subjects listed above, 3 Power Exams with 250 questions in selected subjects, and 3 Grand Exams with 500 questions from all subjects.

Cosmetology, Manicuring, Esthetics, and Braiding Tests

FREE Questions and Answers. Unlimited Attempts. Feedback given each time you submit an answer! Review answers as you take a test.

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